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For New Members

To become a member we ask that you please check to see if you meet the criteria for IWIB Membership. You may check IWIB's criteria here.

Disclaimer: If you don't meet IWIB's criteria for membership, your application will be void and 95% of your payment will be refunded, as a 5% admin fee will be charged.

For membership consideration, please fill in the form below. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us.


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Membership: Contact

Stockholm Chapter

Stockholm-based members welcome to pay directly today with SWISH!

Membership: Headliner

Membership Benefits

  • Included

    International Member

    Every year
    For individuals
    • Webinars & Talks
    • Social Events & Activities for local city chapters
    • Commemorative events on International Women's Day
    • Access to IWIB's Private LinkedIn Group
    • International Networking Opportunities
    • 10% discount on IESE Executive Programs
    • On-demand Mentoring
    • Podcast co-hosting opportunities
  • IWIB4AI Think-Tank

    Every year
    Interactive platform on Artificial Intelligence topics
    • Interactive working groups on Teams
    • Webinars on SDGs & AI
    • Talks with AI experts
    • AI Ethics roundtables
    • Participation on surveys from The European Parliament
  • Sole trader/Startup

    Every year
    Sole traders and startups (<10 employees)
    • Virtual Talks & Webinars
    • Announcement on IWIB's Newsletter
    • Access to IWIB LinkedIn private group
    • Introductions & Referrals
    • Membership to IWIB4AI think-tank
    • 10% discount on IESE Business School programs
    • Access to IESE exclusive webinars
    • PR on IWIB's Podcast
    • Access to selected mentors for employees
  • Corporate Silver

    Every year
    Medium size companies (>10-100 employees)
    • Global networking opportunities
    • Virtual roundtables business
    • Product testing with selected members
    • On-demand Advertisements
    • Access to LinkedIn private group
    • Mentorship opportunities
    • Podcast co-hosting
    • Business introductions & referrals
    • Membership to IWIB4AI think-tank
  • Corporate Gold

    Every year
    Large corporations (>100-1000 employees)
    • Virtual Talks & Webinars
    • Access to private LinkedIn group
    • International networking events
    • IESE Business School 10% discount
    • On-demand advertisement on IWIB media channels
    • Monthly newsletter announcements
    • Testing products with selected members
    • IWIB Podcast on-demand
    • Membership to IWIB4AI think-tank
  • Corporate Platinum

    Every year
    Global corporations (>1001+ employees)
    • Access to LinkedIn private group
    • Membership to IWIB4AI think-tank
    • Announcements of products on IWIB channels
    • Product trials with selected members
    • Business references & project introductions
    • Unlimited podcast sessions
    • Webinars & Roundtables
    • Access to IESE Business School webinars
    • 10% discount on IESE MBA programs
    • On-demand mentorship for employees
Membership: PaidPlans
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