Meet IWIB's Core Team


Ewa Borin

Philanthropy Coordinator


Helene Rennervik

IWIB Ambassadors & Keynote Speakers

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Anita Jonsson

International Cooperation


Joanna Ljunggren

Branding & Content Advisor

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Kimberley Andersson

Social Events & Community Manager


Anna Mannervik


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Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger, Founding President & Leader of IWIB

"I am an international business lawyer born in Colombia who moved from USA to Sweden back in 2006. Before founding IWIB in 20018, I felt like an outsider in Sweden, and struggled when I was defined as a "love refugee". My education and international business experience were undermined. The women at IWIB make me feel that I belong."


Ambassadors & Connectors

IWIB's International Community

Lauri Robbins Ericson

Connector & Advisor


Claudia Navia-Darras

Paris Chapter


Eva Jíchová

Prague Chapter


Susanna Bernardinis

North East Chapter (Friuli, Veneto, Trentino)


IWIB's History

On November 2017. An initiative to set up a networking group for international women in business in the Stockholm area was introduced by Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger, an international business lawyer born in Colombia who moved from the USA to Sweden, in 2006.

On May 2018. The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce officially announced IWIB will form part of the official business networks exclusive to corporate members. After organically growing IWIB's popularity increases among expats, diplomats and the international community in Stockholm, IWIB started collaborating with other female networks and organisations from the public and corporate sector.

On March 2019. IWIB introduced the idea of bringing international keynote speakers to annually commemorate International Women's Day at The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

On April 2020.  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemia, IWIB started allowing international business WoMen from around the world to virtually join the different sessions. It also started collaborating with other global organisations and Chambers of Commerce around the world. 

On July 2020. The IWIB (TM) trademark was registered 

On 2021. IWIB's membership for individuals is introduced and The Female Factor Podcast launched.