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IWIB Membership Application

To apply, please fill up the form adding your LinkedIn profile and stating WHY do you want to join . Once we review it approval is granted or not. From January 2021, the Basic Annual Membership is 750 SEK. VIP and Premium Memberships will be available in 2022.


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IWIB Memberships

Take Your Pick

750 SEK

Annual Basic Membership

Access all IWIB digital and sponsored events. Stay connected to all the IWIB members worldwide. Get access to all information shared in the private IWIB digital platforms.

12 000 SEK


Exclusive experiences, events, seminars and access to other VIP only  events. ALL included.

$3 500


Get access to all Lunch & Learn Sessions, philanthropic events, and invitations to breakfast clubs. All included. Get special discounts to join VIP events.

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