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Networking is one of the most powerful tools for professionals of all industries. Since May 2018, IWIB has served as a platform to access a community of smart, savvy international businesswomen with a drive for success. We are passionate about female empowerment with a heart for sharing knowledge, and cultural intelligence. Today, IWIB collaborates with other Chambers of Commerce around the world, and welcomes international women in business living outside Sweden.


About IWIB

Who We Are

International Women In Business (IWIB) is a business network operating under the umbrella of The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and supported by various sponsors.  From 2020 it became a digital platform with global reach, adding members from other countries in the IWIB private LinkedIn group. Membership is subject to approval and by invitation only. 

⭐️ IWIB's mission is to share knowledge and add value to society.  IWIB promotes sisterhood, continued education, female empowerment, Cultural Intelligence, Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility, and female engagement in Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

Local members are successful international businesswomen living in the Stockholm area bringing together professionals, established executives, and entrepreneurs from all ages and nationalities with an international background in business at all levels, including returning Swedes who have, studied and worked as expats for more then 3 years abroad.


- Monthly Lunch & Learn sessions.

- Seasonal A.Ws & Breakfasts.

- Annual philanthropic event.

- Virtual webinars  

Our main sponsors are:

⚜️ Stockholm Chamber of Commerce:

⚜️ Kapitel 8 Klubben:

⚜️ Eversheds-Sutherland Law Firm:

*All meetings are held in English.

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