IWIB Against Child Sexual Exploitation

One of IWIB's purpose is to give back and as part of our philanthropic work, every year we aim to raise funds to protect children and women. During 2021-2022 IWIB will support ECPAT Sverige (Sweden), a child rights organisation working against child sexual exploitation. ECPAT Sverige was established as an NGO in 1996, and is a member of ECPAT International’s global network with representation in over 95 countries.


Ewa Borin

Philantropy Coordinator


Ewa is responsible for the International Women in Business philanthropic work under voluntary basis. Ewa is an entrepreneur and artist who also works as a business developer building and launching new business areas for a Swedish corporate group.

Under Ewa's leadership ECPAT was the chosen organization for IWIB to raise founds in 2021 - 2022, and hopefully in the long term. ECPAT works every day for a world free from the sexual exploitation of children.

In Ewa's words:

"I  chose to work with ECPAT because I think that this destructive societal challenge affects us all - both at the individual - and organizational level. I am positive about how development and new technological innovations contribute to streamlining ECPAT's work. I am positive about how large organizations, small organizations, and people like you and I, choose to support ECPAT's important work in various ways. By talking to and informing our children, protecting and informing about the importance of their privacy, being actively present in their digital world such as games, chatting, etc..., much is gained."

Ewa has been also caring about children's well being and even developed a children's and family App called: 'Baby à la Carte', offering parents the opportunity and tools to cook healthy food for their children and themselves and lay the foundation right from the start, bringing economic, environmental and health benefits. 

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